backramblings (why this blog)

For years I’ve wanted to start a NBTSC blog. First I thought it would be fun during camp to invite a different person each day to contribute a “what happened around here in the last 24” account for parents and others curious. And yes, let’s give that a try next session (Joshua Tree, January 2015). But what I’m most looking forward to now is addressing some of the conundrums that arise   – what I’m chewing on, what co-director Evan and I are discussing, the big questions that are articulated during Staff Orientation prior to each session, the Things that parents and campers ask us about.

I’ll be longwinded sometimes. I do appreciate  brevity and simplicity in communication  – but I have never been a fan of pat answers. I’m looking forward to describing and exploring questions that interest me. I won’t always have neat conclusions.

Blog as “promotional tool?” That too. I’ve been a reticent marketer, but as I’ve watched organizers of similar events assertively promote their offerings, I’ve started thinking I’d best take a page from their book. We’ve been running NBTSC for almost 20 years. We’ve been around a couple blocks. I hear again and again that young people’s lives change for the better – sometimes radically  – when they come to NBTSC. I think we offer a unique and wonderful opportunity for growth and connection, and now and then in this blog I’ll tell you why I think so.

Want to share your three cents? I’m not looking to host a discussion here, so I’ve disabled comments. (I’ve learned a few things by watching comment threads devolve on the internet. Life is too short, my dears.) I do love discussing camp in depth, face to face with people who know how to share their own perspectives honestly and thoughtfully, and listen sincerely, and keep everyone’s humanity in view, and ideally even reflect and collaborate along with me (rather than simply argue for a predetermined agenda). Even so, my time is limited. (Camp pays me a part-time salary; I am also a full-time homeschooling mama as well as an ecstatic dance DJ ~ and I achingly aspire to rediscover time for my long-dormant writing and dance-performing-and-teaching careers, not to mention long-neglected passions like Argentine tango.)  So, the places you’re most likely to pin me down for a conversation are 1) at camp  if you’re a camper, alumni retreat participant, or staffer; or 2) dinner! If you’re traveling through Eugene, I occasionally accept invitations to take me and my darlingest six-year-old out for food and talk.

Thank you for reading. I wish you a beautiful day.

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