Joshua Tree Staff Orientation ~ Day 1 (by Reanna Alder)

We’re in session! This is a guest post by Advisor Reanna Alder.

Here comes the staff of the first ever Joshua Tree session of Not Back to School Camp! It’s so strange to have camp arrive at our door. It’s exciting to be able to show off and share our home, and a little confusing, since I haven’t packed my bags or finished washing my dishes yet, but it’s time to start. Nathen isn’t home from work yet, so we have to start the first meeting without him.

We spent the afternoon and evening doing several rounds of checking in, hearing about the lives we’ve been leading since we last saw each other (in my case meeting some new people), how we traveled here, what’s been hard in our lives, what we’re excited to share at camp this year.

It’s a real nice scene.


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