Joshua Tree Staff Orientation ~ Day 2 (by Kione Kochi)

We’re in session! This is a guest post by NBTSC junior staffer Kione Kochi.

I spent the night in the “doll house”, a nice little two-bed (not two-bedroom) house on Reanna and Nathen’s property. It’s right across from their house-to-be. I can see a joshua tree from the window on my side, which was a perfect reminder for where I was when I woke up (to the sound of a rooster) for the first full day of staff orientation.


It was a chilly desert morning but Tilke and Winnie and I warmed up on a brisk walk. I’m not really sure which road we were on but every few steps Tilke found little treasures, and we returned with a beautiful round orange gem, a dark green leather purse, rubber stamp of a snake and a container for fishing hooks.

Jr. Staff attended two morning meetings today, did some organizational work, prepared lunch and spent time with staff kids. I’m looking over my tasks and getting ready to begin work at the camp site tomorrow. But before we leave Lesterland for NBTSC @ JTRC, I’ll get to spend one more night in the cozy doll house. (It’s an amazing and unexpected upgrade from “tent in Reanna’s yard with thermarest.” Thanks Reanna & Nathen!)