Joshua Tree ~ Day 2 (by Brayden)

We’re in session! This is a guest post by NBTSC camper Brayden M.


It started early in the morning where people played cards and talked through out the morning. Later after wake up call more and more people streamed in and lined up for breakfast. We had potatoes and quiche accompanied with fruit, yogurt, and a little bit of cereal. After breakfast there was a brief time where people could hang out a little. Then we had check in! Check in is great because the staff gets to let us know what is going on and where. After morning check in there’s around thirty minutes where people can get water, etc.

Advisee meetings follow, and everyone splits up to their separate corners with a staff member. My advisee group worked on setting up a really fun game to include other advisee groups. The game works like this: we all have a note that says something about us – something like a pet or an experience. We mixed those notes up and people will guess who the note is for and then start a conversation with them to find out. If they find the right person they are given a part of a poem. If an advisee group completes the whole poem, they get a prize. It sounds a little odd but it’s really fun.

After advisee we had the first workshop  slot. I decided to go to the sauerkraut workshop where Maya taught me and a few others the science and art of fermentation. We also had another workshop slot where I played football with Matt, Evan and a few campers.

Then lunch happened which was amazing. We had felafel with pitas, 2 different salads and an amazing sauce!

After all of this siesta began, which is a little bit of time were people can rest or sleep or do whatever they need to relax. I personally love playing games so during siesta I played Ninja, Truth or Dare, and other games including card games.

Following siesta was another workshop slot which I personally didn’t attend but there was a yoga workshop and a nature workshop. And then the Healthy Sexuality talk started which I sadly didn’t attend as well…

Dinner! We enjoyed polenta with salad and tomato soup. Evening check in began after dinner, which went well, and it led into the biggest event of the night: Bonding night.

Bonding night is amazing. You begin by singing as you walk into the room, and then with your eyes closed you are led to a spot where you sit down. You open your eyes and are supposed to make eye contact with the person in front of you for a whole minute. Then you turn to another person and you ask them a question. The first question, I think, was “What is home?” After you take turns answering the question, you turn to another and final person, for another question. The second question was “What is fear?” Finally after all that’s done, you get a very very quick break.

After the brief break the room splits in half. One half closes their eyes and the other half approaches them, tapping an individual on the shoulder.  If the person is okay with it, the two people hug.

It was a really really fun night and the hour of quiet time afterward ended up in a cuddle puddle which is really nice. After that, people mostly goofed off playing cards, physical games like ninja or poke war and talking games like Truth or Dare and 2 Truths and a Lie. All in all one of the best days so far at camp and it seems like every day is more and more fun…

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photos of Brayden and Day 2 miscellanea by Reanna Alder.