Joshua Tree ~ Day 3 (by Zella)

We’re in session! This is a guest post by NBTSC camper Zella Magoo.

zella-1060416Every day at NBTSC is a new adventure. Something new to tell a friend. Some new thing to try out when you get home. And I love every minute that I get to be with these fantastic people. They will take you on so many crazy trips, and will trip you and make you fall over, and you will keep laughing on your way down to the floor. The people here will grab your hand, and take you with them, as they run and their pink hair goes flying. You go running down the pathways, hand in hand, laughing, and all the while looking behind you for no real reason at all. No one is chasing you. You’ll be sitting on the floor, drinking and spilling hot tea everywhere. You do cartwheels in the parking lot, and then when you get tired, you just look up at the stars and talk. You yell each others’ names, at each other from just across the room, trying to get them not to leave you sitting on the floor. Glow in the dark night, twister under a black light, and hiding under tables, are all just a normal day here in the wonderfully weird life at camp.

I feel that there is a really interesting mix of east coast campers and west coast campers for this session. I’ve been told by a few of my friends from Oregon session 2, that something like this has never happened while they’ve been at camp. Sure, there have been campers that go to both Vermont and Oregon, but they are few and far between. And it’s been really cool to watch how the two groups have melted together in the past four days. The first few days at camp felt very separated, and it didn’t feel like there was a lot of crossover between the two groups of east and west coast campers at all. But being from North Carolina, and going to Oregon for camp, I feel has made it a little easier for me to easily slip between the two. And now, after a few days of all getting to know each other, and just getting used to camp in general, they’ve really been starting to mesh together more. The tables no longer feel like a public school cafeteria, and it’s wonderful to watch and be a part of.

Being in a new space for camp is a very interesting experience for a lot of us. And being the “baby camper” that I am, only having been to one session of NBTSC, I can’t completely understand how some of the older campers, that have been going for years, feel. Although I do know how I feel. I am really enjoying myself, here in Joshua Tree. I was talking with some of the campers that have been going to camp for many more years than I have, and they were talking to me about how weird it feels to not be at Myrtlewood in Oregon. They miss it a little. But I feel that most of us, if not all of us, have been finding a lot of things that we like about being here. Like the pool and the hot tub. The funny round tables, and the many, many doors that go in and out of the main lodge. The meditation labyrinth, and the awesome food (props to the amazing kitchen staff). I feel so very lucky to be a part of the start of a brand new session of Not Back To School Camp. To be helping this idea come true, and work out. It has been absolutely amazing so far, and I can’t believe that it’s almost half over.

This blog post was supposed to be more of a day-in-the-life type of thing, but it’s just so hard to sum up NBTSC in just one day. Or what I did that day, even. There is just too much of everything going on at once to do that. So I hope that this may have helped you get a better idea of what the campers of NBTSC think of, when we think of camp, and what it means to us.

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photos (of Zella and Reanna’s advisee group playing Ninja) by Reanna Alder.