Joshua Tree ~ Day 4 (by Nathen Lester)

We’re in session! This is a guest post by NBTSC staffer Nathen Lester.

nathen portrait-1060737

Joshua Tree is my home town, so a session of Not Back to School Camp here is a dream come true. I love our sites in the forests of Oregon and Vermont, but the desert is where my heart is, and now I get to share my rocks and sand, mountains, sunsets, and mild mid-winter temperatures with a new set of NBTSC campers and my dear fellow staffers.

So of course I jumped at the chance to lead today’s field trip to the Joshua Tree National Park. 42 of us went (8 staff and 34 campers) to Indian Cove campground.

Pre-trip morning meeting in Friendship Hall
Field trip group gathered for the please-don't-hurt-yourself talk
Field trip group gathered for the “Please don’t hurt yourself” and the “There is a reason this is called Rattlesnake Canyon” talks.
jan 22-1060475
Then up into the rocks

jan 22-1060478

jan 22-1060482

jan 22-1060504

jan 22-1060514

jan 22-1060517


A few scrapes and scratches

Then back to the retreat center for a quick nap. The NBTSC alumni arrive and the NBTSC-JT Art Extravaganza and Concert begin:

jan 22-1060607
Collaborative art project

jan 22-1060589

jan 22-1060582
Face painting
jan 22-1060585
Weaving by Kione (and Serena in the corner)
Nathen and Damian
Nathen and Damian