Day 1 (Oregon Session 1 ~ by Willoughby K.)

We’re in session at Camp Latgawa in Oregon! This is a guest post by NBTSC camper Willoughby K.


This is Willoughby! Checking in to write to you about how I experienced Day 1. This is my third year of being at camp, so a lot of my day has been simply marveling at the trees and people around me and being happy to be back.

At the beginning of my day I mostly watched Devo, Calico and others play ping pong, and I got some crazy awesome pictures of my friends playing an intense game of Ninja. This is all great, but usually most of my time here at camp is spent making artwork. For instance, I drew some of my friends, and I face painted my arm to get inspiration for my piece in the talent show. Which I’m very excited for – I can’t wait to show off my face painting skills! When the pool opened I did some swimming, and Rachel caught a beautiful garter snake that we got to hold for a while.  Then we had an amazing dinner of coconut rice, salad, red beans, and fresh bread.

Later on, the staff talent show! Where our counselors and medics and logistics goddesses get to dance, tell stories, and juggle. So I’ve been having quite a lot of fun here! I do miss my family, my cat, and my boyfriend. I take as many pictures as I can, so I’ll have a lot to show them when I get home.

Meeting Day 1

blake and vanessa-3844 meeting-3840 tour-3852 tour-3859 tour-3863 best Y with water gun day 1   Slackline day 1

games night of day 1

photos by Reanna Alder and Margie Sanderson