Day 4 (Oregon Session 1 ~ by Teo)

We’re in session at Camp Latgawa in Oregon! This is a guest post by NBTSC camper Teo.

FullSizeRender(1)I drifted awake to the voices of my fellow campers singing Hey Soul Sister in the doorway of my cabin this morning. Wake-up calls have been one of my favourite parts of camp this year (aside from the waking up part), with the first part of my day being started by hearing the talent and happiness of my friends.

Most of my day was composed of snoozing and cuddling with my new friends Raven and Ki, while Raven played and sang improvised guitar songs about snails and I had dreams about flying. I made notes in my art journal in the Sindarin Elvish alphabet and sketched a few campers until it was time to go to the nonbinary gender discussion,  which was awesome! It was so great to talk with other nonbinary teenagers about their experiences with their gender. There were so many diverse stories and I had some great conversations afterwards with some of them.

The last event of the day was the Seeing and Seen Circle. It was intensely emotional, and by the end I was crying along with most of the other campers that went. I don’t think I’ve felt quite so connected to the other individual campers until tonight, even though I’ve made amazing friendships and at least talked to most of the other campers. It was a big, overwhelming night, especially for a very empathic person, but I definitely think I’ll be going again next year.

After the Seeing and Seen Circle I went and hugged people in Uncle Joe’s until it was time for lights-out, then stumbled back to my cabin in the dark because I lost my flashlight to my swamp of disorganized clothing and journals on the first night.

lean on me

photos by Reanna Alder