Day 5 (Oregon Session 1 ~ by Nora Oviatt)

We’re in session at Camp Latgawa in Oregon! This is a guest post by NBTSC camper Nora Oviatt.


Towering pine trees draped with long strands of pale green lichen and speckled with fuzzy green patches of moss stand all around, protecting the magical community we manage to create at NBTSC. Happy, Happy, Happy were the words that kept circling around in my head as I walked through this enchanting place after a refreshing dunk in the swimming hole.


What could be a better start to a wonderful day filled with smiling people, budding friendships and lots of dancing?  The dancing started with Zoe’s blues dancing workshop, where I got to dance with wonderful people to good music and learn lots –  and it lasted until midnight when I decided it was probably time to leave “prom” and get some sleep.

In the middle of all this dancing I went to Reanna’s T-shirt alterations workshop and to the gender fishbowl, where I got to listen to and participate in some great discussions about gender roles, identity and stereotypes. After evening meeting, there was a mini talent show which was full of great dancing and piano playing. At 9:45, at the fashion show,  I got to experience the creativity put into prom costumes. After that there was “prom,” which was filled with a lot more great dancing, music, and most importantly people. A perfect ending to another great day at NBTSC.

IMG_1426 IMG_1421