Day 3 (Oregon Session 2~by Karina Carrasco)

We’re in session at Camp Myrtlewood in Oregon – NBTSC’s home since 1996. This is a guest post by new camper Karina Carrasco.


I wake up next to two people in the field. I am warm, comfortable, and well rested. My body has adapted to this weather. I feel like every time I wake up, there’s always something that makes me smile.

After eating a hearty, homemade breakfast, we go to our advisors and then we start day 1 of our Projects. I’m in Dev Carey’s project, so of course, he decides to give us a little challenge on our first group adventure. Dev tested us by putting two “unconscious” people laying on the ground with spinal injuries and wounds on our hiking path. We basically had to figure out how to save them and portray that they were actually dying. While everyone was pissed and sweating carrying them down the hiking trail onto the pretend helicopter on the field, we were all so thankful for being given this challenge. It felt very empowering to be able to fix the problem yourself (with the help of whoever you’re with), and simply knowing what to do.

Later throughout the day I attended a talent show and two workshops, one being a group discussion about the life of being a self-directed learner. It’s funny because even those who have been unschooling since they were a kid still struggled explaining to society what it is that they do. We also talked about how unschooling is a privilege, and not all kids around the world have the resources to unschool. This reminds me of my first year of unschooling; I literally prayed every morning the minute I woke up.

Yesterday I woke up seeing the Teenage Liberation Handbook under my cabin-mate’s bed and it really made my day. Seeing that book that started it all for me, and having the deep conversation at the workshop today makes me wonder why I didn’t attend unschooling camps or programs sooner. Everyone here has similar beliefs to mine.

I am just glad I’m here.