Day 6 (Oregon Session 2~ by Ariel Wygant)

We’re in session at Camp Myrtlewood in Oregon – this is a guest post by junior staffer Ariel Wygant.


I woke up briefly before four in the morning today because Margie, who is sharing a tent with me this session, was getting up. She, and about half of the people who signed up for the ocean field trip, were going to walk almost 20 miles from Camp Myrtlewood to Coquille. They planned to start at four a.m. because the bus with the rest of the ocean field trippers was going to pick them up on the way to the beach.

Not everyone at camp decided to go to the ocean, so there were a few other adventures planned. Dandy led a creek walk to Dragon Rock, June was going to make fairy crowns out of leaves and branches and whatever else she could pick up around camp, and Andy, Elizabeth, and I were driving to the swimming hole up the road.

The bus to the beach left after breakfast, and the remaining population of camp, though diminished in size, had meeting and advisee with the same spirit as always and parted to go on our various adventures.

Ten of us went to the swimming hole, and only a few came back with sunburns; myself included (totally worth it, although I feel silly for thinking I wouldn’t need sunblock!)

We had a fun climb down from the road to the river, which was beautiful, and everyone wanted to jump in right away. The water was cold! There were big rocks to jump off of, and a rope swing that was tied to a tree across the water from where we left our things.

We all had packed lunches, and after swimming for a while Elizabeth suggested that we slice up the delicious watermelon she’d brought and we all sat down to eat and play games.

A few people jumped back into the river one last time, and we packed up our towels to leave. We got back to camp with a couple of hours to spare before dinner, which was mac and cheese, and once the bus got back the evening was full of tired people talking about blisters before we settled down to the songwriters’ concert.

Concluding such an adventurous day with a cozy fire and good music seemed perfect, and it’s always lovely to hear songs that were written by the endlessly talented people here at camp. I also got Mama Bear to put lots of aloe on my sunburn before bed, and the next morning when I woke up I had forgotten it was there.