Day 7 (Oregon Session 2~by Rory)

We’re in session at Camp Myrtlewood in Oregon – this is a guest post by camper Rory.


The day started off normal at least. Wake up call woke me up, I brushed my teeth, threw some warmish water on my face and started the day. I stopped by my girlfriend’s tent and walked with her down to the lodge to eat breakfast. More eggs and potatoes with corn flakes. We waited in the lodge for Check In to happen. Community meeting was fun. My Advisee group met in the Mud Hut. We checked in and played games.

The project that I chose was Dev’s Adventure Project. Scary sounding I know. Dev had fun playing with our minds and making us take a shoe across the field. Lunch was tasty and I sat with good friends.

Siesta was a nice quiet time. I napped for two whole hours. During the Workshop  hour I hung out with my girlfriend and made her smile as I made a fool of myself for her enjoyment. Dinner came along with a feeling so warm you could boil tea. And then a full and complete Check In.  Community meeting was a magic meeting in the lodge. Songs were sung and jokes were cracked. Smiles given and taken. But throughout was the deep feeling of friendship and love that could only mean one thing. Trust Circle.

Trust Circle for is normally not too hard on my soul. But this one made me tear up at times. It all happened so fast. All the campers, including me, circled up in the field and then we sang the Trust Circle Song and twisted our way through the lodge. I got a nice cool place by the door. We were each given three pebbles and that could mean one thing, three statements. The color of the room was trust mixed with a feeling of love.

After Trust Circle is always one of my favorite times. The Lodge is quiet and there is soft muttering and snacks. The staff float around from person to person asking if everyone is okay and taking care of those who are not. After all the debriefing I took my girlfriend to her tent and she went to sleep and I followed my other friends to the tables in between Myrtle and Laurel cabins and had some soft quiet laughs after a stern look from a junior staffer. And the day ended like any other day. Other than the fact it was Hug A Moyer day from FGP [Fairy Godparent].

photo by Dandy Denial