Day 11 (Oregon Session 2~by Leif S.)

We’re in session at Camp Myrtlewood in Oregon – this is a guest post by new camper Leif S.


Day 11, it’s my birthday!

Today at morning meeting everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me as per tradition and indulged me in a birthday request: At some point today everyone should let some one know that they love them. I was then bequeathed the birthday hat and returned to my seat. Suddenly Peter Pan rushed into the room! “My name is Peter, and I have your leader!” He had captured Grace to try and stop the culminators from growing up. We had gathered all of the shortest people in our advisee groups to duel Peter when Captain Hook came rushing through the door. “Peter! I’ve finally found you!” A chase ensues and we all end up in the forest at the chapel where Grace is standing with a branch in hand. It turns out “Peter Pan” was actually Lizzie, one of the culminators, and she just didn’t want to grow up. After a little chat Lizzie agrees to culminate and Grace knights her with the branch.


After a short morning meeting we head to our advisee groups where we check-in with each other and play games and such. Dandy – my advisor – let me run advisee since it was my birthday. We each told the person to our right something we liked about them and gave them a challenge to complete by the end of camp.

I was still a little sick from the day before so I took a nice nap in the sun and drank lots of tea. Everyone here at camp is so kind and supportive that it didn’t even ruin my day that I was sick. The only thing I was missing out on was all of the cuddles and hugs that campers love to indulge in with each other. I ended up climbing the climbing tree with some friends since I wasn’t feeling tired anymore. People passed nice messages and chocolates to me and each other on the clothespin line in the lodge. Life at camp is good.

That night we had “Prom” so I gathered my makeup and clothes and turned myself into a blue fairy/water nymph since the theme was “Fairytale.” “Prom” was a blast!

Photo of prom dancers by Aubri H.
Photo of prom dancers by Aubri H.

We all danced to our hearts content and I used some of the blues dancing skills I learned in a workshop that morning to partner dance with my friends. The kitchen crew brought out some “Pake” – pie-cake, it’s incredible – which was gone in minutes.

After moving on to hang out with a little group that was a part of the “anti-prom” I took all my makeup off and snuggled into my sleeping bag in my cabin.

I’ll definitely be back next year.

photo of Leif by Dandy Denial