Day 13 (Oregon Session 2~by Mckinley Ropers)

We’ve just wrapped up our session at Camp Myrtlewood in Oregon. This is a guest post by culminating camper Mckinley Ropers.

IMG_3341photo of McKinley by Anika

Highlights of my last day:

  • Laughing with Sydney about the silliness of life.
  • My last advisee group meeting with my favorite advisee group ever.
  • Eating chocolate with Lizzie and Milla.
  • Sitting next to Fia during the panel the culminators led about taking camp home.
  • A conversation with Liza about everything while cleaning.
  • Crying in the field while doing oversplits for the 5th time with Margie and Rosie.
  • Last meeting with Culminators and staff while everyone else cleaned.
  • Putting on my culminator hoodie for the first time.
  • Matt telling me I was funny.
  • Pie that I was too emotional to eat.
  • Talking about how dumb crushes are with Abbi.
  • Evening meeting.
  • Power Point.
  • Giving my culmination presentation.
  • Hugging ceremony.

Every single moment of this day was significant for me. It’s my last day as a West coast camper and every second is in high definition because of that. But I don’t feel the need to share about all the little beautiful moments that happened today other than in the very vague way I did above. Instead I’m going to talk about how I feel.

Have you ever been so full of love you could burst? Like the heart in your chest feels like it actually might explode? That’s how I felt all day. I just kept looking around and falling in love with every piece of this day, this place, these people, this life.

Have you ever felt like the butterflies and knots in your stomach are fighting for attention and all you feel is panic? That’s the other way I felt all of today. My life as a camper is coming to a close, which is a terrifying thing. No matter how right it feels. Growth is always scary, and the thought of leaving this home is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. So while my heart and my stomach were going crazy I managed to get everything I wanted to do done, and have lots of goofy, deep, heartfelt connections which is all I wanted out of today.

Now I’m sitting here on my last night looking at all the beautiful people dancing to a rap song I don’t know, and hoping that they all know how much I love them. Because I do. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so full of love before in my life. I wish I could tell them what they’ve given me. But there are no words, and even if there were I don’t know if I would say them.

Closing ceremony is over, all the butterflies and bursting love are gone and I’m filled with a radiant joy to have been a part of this day, this session, and these past four years. Now it’s time for me to have an amazing last night, full of love, donned in kitty whiskers the way I started this camp journey.

Thank you NBTSC for being all that you are. You’ve changed my life. I love you.