Arrival Day (Vermont ~ by Jake Henry Poulos)

Camp is now complete as our campers have arrived here at Farm & Wilderness! This is a guest post by long-time culminating camper Jake Henry Poulos.


Hello there. My name is Jake Henry Poulos (18). This is my sixth year at camp, as well as my culminating year. I am known around camp as “The Weatherman”, for my daily weather reports, as well as being that guy who runs everywhere here.

I arrived here at camp with a mission: to create a more physically active and exciting week. A mission I hope to see fulfilled with games of Capture the Flag, Kickball, and whatever else spontaneously occurs! I am immediately optimistic, as there is a large influx of new campers who are pumped to be here. It is exciting to see so many new faces, who I know will have such an amazing time, as I did, here at NBTSC.

I began my day today with a rush. The last minute hurry to make sure that nothing was forgotten before departing for VT; a three hour drive from New Haven, CT, where I live. After a stop in Brattleboro, and a smooth drive, I arrived to the rush of unloading the car, so my ride could take off. After settling down, I immediately began the best part of arrival day: meeting new people. Everyone I have met has been excited and upbeat, if not a bit shy, to be here. I look forward to getting to know all of them over the week.

As always, welcome circle and opening ceremony were a hoot. After which, we played several great games, such as Big Wind Blows (which became We Will Rock You for half a minute), and a great deception game in which five culminators (myself included) shared five crazy stories anonymously, and then answered questions from the group, truthfully if about our stories, and falsely if not. I somehow managed to convince some of the group that I have a brother, and others that I got my hand stuck in a cow.

Now, as I write this post, I am heading to bed, with the plan to run around the lake tomorrow morning (about 2.5 miles), and every subsequent day, before the exciting first day of camp! I look forward to hosting the weather report every morning (and am hopeful that the speakers currently being set up at camp will be host my own theme song in the near future), and can’t wait for the workshops I plan to host, the games I plan to play, and the wonderful experiences that no one can plan for!IMG_6135