Day 2 (Vermont ~ by Selacia Lafleur)

A great session is underway here at Farm & Wilderness. This is a guest post by camper Selacia Lafleur.

CIMG3778Photo of Selacia by Arthur Velwest

The first highlight of my day was our third advisee group meeting (Our first was on arrival day, and we’ve had one every day since). My group meets upstairs in the library, and even this early on in the session I find myself feeling comfortable with the other campers in my group. We played a game called ninja and I’ve learned that I would be a terrible ninja, although it was very funny to watch the rest of the game.

Almost immediately after advisee we had our first day of projects. Projects are basically workshops (anyone at camp can lead one of those), but led by staff members, can be committed or uncommitted, and built off of previous day’s work. I’m in a project called Poetry Out Loud led by Autumn who is also the Mama Bear of this session. In the project our current goal is to write a poem about camp and present it as a group. I really like how intimate the group is because of its small size, which allows more time for group discussion.

After project time I went into the kitchen to begin my worktrade. This is my second year as a worktrader; last year I really enjoyed the experience because of all the interesting connections with worktraders and staff I wouldn’t have otherwise made. This year my work entails serving meals, keeping the tea station clean and ready, as well as serving late night snacks. I really love being the point person for the tea station because it’s one of my favorite parts of camp – I wish everyone could have a tea station everywhere.

During siesta, our chill out time, I headed down to the showers which are lovely, outdoors, and in the middle of the woods. At camp It’s really wonderful how you can go in the shower and no matter who’s there, even if you’ve barely spoken, you’ll most likely have a long interesting conversation (or sing a musical in its entirety) because that’s just how people are when they’re at camp.

Freshly clean and running late I ran up the hill to the bonding night committee meeting. A committee at camp is a group of campers that come together to plan an event, this one being bonding night, a crucial part of camp. This is my second year on the committee although I was much more involved this year as it’s my second year at camp. I really enjoyed playing an active part running bonding night this year, although I still got to take part in unconditional love, which is in my opinion the best part of the event. Unconditional love is the second half of the event, when someone divides the room in half and one half spreads themselves out with their eyes closed while the other half walks around the room and anonymously hugs everyone that wants to be hugged.

After bonding night I got invited to sleep in a post apocalyptic structure made from milk crates and a tarp (conceived in a group project called Post Apocalyptic Architecture). As only two people from the actual project were willing to sleep in it, I thought I’d help them out, and it was surprisingly comfortable (: