Day 4 (Vermont ~ by Rhanna Lincoln)

We’re mid-session out here in Vermont. This is a guest post by culminating camper Rhanna Lincoln.


I started the day with a walk through the morning mist with two other campers. We said hello to the local animals and breathed in the autumn air. This is what I love about camp: relaxing in nature, living in the moment, and sharing it with friends.

Today is the day that really felt like camp started for me. Though this is my first year as a Vermont camper, it’s my culminating year of NBTSC. It took a few days to really settle in and get to know all these new faces. Today the new faces of strangers suddenly turned into those of old friends who I adore, and I feel like I’m where I want to be. I know so many new names and personalities, and it is my favorite feeling. I greet people by name while they trickle in sleepily and ask how they’re doing.

Part of my intention for camp this year was to take a selfie with all the staff but that quickly evolved into taking pictures with everyone at camp. After morning meeting I was surrounded by people wanting pictures together. So many people suddenly appeared at my side that we took a giant group selfie that was so silly, relaxed, and fun! It feels like I’ve been posing with beautiful faces all day.

We had the women’s gender discussion group meeting in the afternoon, which is one of my favorite parts of camp. We talked about body image, feminism, and family relationships for around two hours and it was wonderful. I heard so many stories and ideas from other women and shared my own. I love having the chance to feel relaxed in a safe community of women. I came out of the meeting with much stronger connections to those around me.

Then we had the Art Extravaganza and Film Festival this evening. While we were waiting outside on the porch for the art to be set up I witnessed people playing drums, singing, doing handstands, talking and hugging all at once. I loved that moment so much because to me that is what camp is: A group of creative people who get together and create magic. Camp creates the most delightful atmosphere.

It was even more magical once the Art Extravaganza started. There was so much beauty and creativity. Musicians played while we browsed the notebooks and watercolors. It makes me so happy to see so many people sharing their talents with each other and being supported by everyone. I waltzed in the corner with friends, and some people came out and played Cannon on violin, banjo, and piano. It was beautiful.

Today was my favorite day of camp so far as I sit and journal next to a giggling group of board gamers before bed, listening to music and relaxing after a wonderful day.