Day 5 (Vermont ~ by Maddy P.)

We’re in session at Farm & Wilderness. This is a guest post by camper Maddy P.


My day started with the sound of rain on my cabin’s tin roof and the cool misty morning air. I got up, left my cozy little cabin, and worked my way up to the main lodge for breakfast, check in and morning meeting.

The first highlight of my day was the meeting I had with my advisee group. We all went around and shared how we were doing and then we quickly moved into playing a game of hot seat. For me, I feel like this is when I really got to know my advisee group on a more personal level.

After advisee it was project time. I’m in an independent project, so this means I can choose any personal project to work on. I ended up going down to the lake with a few other campers to work on some art projects and do some journaling. I’m really enjoying being in an independent project time because it gives me time to reflect on my day and it gives me scheduled time to work on my personal projects.

Later after lunch, it was siesta time! This is when campers have about an hour to do any quiet activities (napping seems to be a common one here at nbtsc). I used this time to take a shower in the rain. The showers here at camp are open air and tucked away in the woods. That was definitely one of my highlights of the day, which may seem strange, but you’d understand if you could experience it yourself. I spent the rest of siesta being my usual chatty self. I had some nice conversations as well as some nice singing/dancing sessions with other campers.

After dinner, check in, and evening meeting, we were all ushered out of the main lodge by the trust circle committee so they could set up the evening event. The trust circle event is really hard to describe in words. Basically everyone stands in a large circle and a series of statements are read and depending on how much you identify with them, you can step in one step, or all the way to the center. I’m not going to write about what happened at the actual event, but after the event was really nice. The room was kept a quiet space for everyone to chat and hangout. I had some nice conversations and just overall enjoyed the atmosphere after the event. This was definitely my favorite night of camp so far. As I grew sleepier, I wondered back to my cabin for the night.

Those were just some of the highlights of my day at camp, thanks for reading! 🙂