Day 6 (Vermont ~ by Arthur Velwest)

We’re enjoying our last sweet days together in Vermont. This is a guest post by culminating camper Arthur Velwest. In his true comedic style Arthur has written a wonderfully creative though somewhat abstract post — just a little context as you read.


The thunder of rainfall shook me from my death-like sleep, and the sight of it made my heart weep as if I was seeing my child born before me. Finding the strength to stand I walked into Not Back To School Camp on day 6, my leather jacket draped upon my shoulders. I woke the rest of my snoozing comrades with the help of a pack of friends. I was weary, as we did not finish our song, but fortune favored me and everyone was woken in good time.

I was trying to focus on the scavenger hunt that would be happening later, but my mind was on other things. While everyone else was hugging after morning meeting, I was thinking about how my dear friend Galen was leaving today; my heart was broken and it made it hard to concentrate on my talent show act that I was not practicing for. However, like a bald eagle souring through the air, I did not need practice to do what I was born to do.

But humor was not on this hours menu, now was the time for battle.

A number of challenges were wrought upon the group I was in, but with Lili’s knowledge of the human body, we defeated the human knot. With Cole’s knowledge of riddles we passed Matt’s brain puzzle. Rhanna’s fierce judging skill got us through the terror of basement debate. Tom’s knowledge of fauna gave us a great advantage when Tilke made us play Pictionary. Through all of this my test was yet to come. After all the groups had defeated their tasks we were given letters and numbers we figured out led to a car, with the camp director Evan in the trunk. There was a piece of tape attached to his head:

“Drop me in the lake.”

More then seven other campers helped me as we carried him down the hill to the docks, while all were watching. My feet cursed me for my lack of shoes and I agreed with them.

Later, as I was about to head out on a walk down the road, Christian stopped me. It was time. Our project was to be shared with the world – the story of our Apocalypse, our insanity, our religion, and most of all our building technics. It went very well.

The next event to add to my successes was the talent show. Jake Henry asked me to drag bodies off the stage for his fight chorography. It was good practice for a skit during the mystery themed prom we are having tomorrow. The next thing I knew, his part was over, and mine was about to begin. I told all true stories about my life, ones I have not told a lot. My stand up routine left everyone about to die from laughter. I was glad that no one actually ended up hurt; I have seen enough death for one lifetime.

In the evening as Sydney did some low silk-work on a hanging rope, I was sitting in the kitchen listening to great tales from campers past. Then, to my everlasting dismay my good friend and night owl Mike told me to go to bed at 1:30. Respecting his perception of sleep and knowing I needed to be ready for what was to come tomorrow, I ended my conscious hours for the 6th day of Not Back To School Camp.