a mid-year intention report ~ by Margie Sanderson

This is a guest post by NBTSC alum and staffer, Margie Sanderson.

On the last night of every session of Not Back to School Camp, during the closing ceremony, we go around and share intentions for the coming year. These are typically 1 sentence, declarative statements about what we plan to accomplish. Some people make intentions spontaneously, others think about and plan them for much of the camp session. Intentions range from the more abstract (“feel happier about myself”) to specific and concrete (“take 3 college level classes”).

I’m writing this in mid-February, approximately 6 months after I declared my intention for the year at the Camp Myrtlewood session of NBTSC last August. During that session of camp, I joined a few campers in daily stretching, focusing on the splits. Practicing the splits became a grueling but rewarding portion of my camp routine. And, as most folks who’ve been to summer camp know, a few days of camp can feel like a lifetime. After just a few days, it felt like stretching every day was of course something I did, it had always been that way. So my intention at the closing ceremony was to master the splits!


photo by Anika Moyer

It’s around this time of year that I usually start thinking about NBTSC again (registration for the 2016 season is open!) and, therefore, try to check in internally on how my camp intentions are coming along. Often at camp I feel like I’m taking a step back from my regular life and reviewing things, looking at the big picture in a way it’s harder to do during the year. I think of my camp intentions as the things that the most clear-thinking version of myself has decided to prioritize. And so, I try to stick to them even when my busier self is not pleased about it.

In the month or so after camp, I can honestly say I made time for stretching every day. It was awesome, but perhaps too ambitious. Since then I’ve been stretching sporadically, which has been less awesome. In anticipation of the upcoming camp season, I’m getting back in the routine by setting a micro-intention for myself: stretch at least 3 days a week, for the next month. My handy smartphone will remind me about this intention every other day, and hopefully my splits will improve because of it.


photo by Margie

How are your camp intention(s) coming along?