Day 1 (Oregon Session 1 ~ by Culminating camper Milo S.)

photo by Sophie Biddle: Milo (right) with fellow Culminator Robin
The first day of my last year is one that I will never forget.


My day started off with gathering the other Culminators and introducing all of the first year campers to camp culture. I always love watching new campers open up over the course of a session.


There was a lot that happened on the first day, but the thing that stood out in my mind the most was evening meeting. Everyone was talking, laughing, not paying attention. But then Evan started talking, and everyone went silent. There wasn’t a sound, not a single person that didn’t have their eyes glued to our Director.


I think there’s a beauty in that. I think there’s a beauty in this place, in these people, and in the magic they create.



ed. note: “Culminate, Culminator, Culminati” – these are the terms we use for campers who are in their final year at NBTSC and have chosen to engage an intentional 2 year process of engaging leadership and creating closure. (For alumni: this is what we used to call “graduating.”)