Day 2 (Oregon Session 1 ~ by camper Jade S.)


The second day of camp.

Had a late night laughing and reconnecting with people.

Slept in the community sleeping area, got woken up lovingly by the wake up call people.

Got ready for the day ahead.

Laughed as I watched my little brother goof off before morning meeting.

I’m glad so many people here play ukuleles. Singing with everyone makes it feel more like camp a little bit more everyday.

The day zoomed by pretty fast. Went to my advisee group, played hot-seat, got to know people a little more, sat down and enjoyed watching my friend select music for a surprise event coming up one of these nights, made plans with the prom committee. After that I went to a wonderful healthy sexuality staff panel. I was very grateful for the staff sharing their experiences and being very open with us young adults and teens.

There was dinner and evening meeting, and then it was time to set up for bonding night. (I’ve gone to all the bonding nights since my first year.) It’s a little different each year; this one was a very emotional event for my brother and me.

Afterwards I laid down in a cuddle puddle of people and stayed there for a long while.

My night ended with excitement, facts I’d never heard before, laughter, and lots of love.

photo by Dandy Denial