Day 5 (Oregon Session 1 ~ camper Robin H.)



Today was a late wake up call day. I got up early to shower and then headed to breakfast to lead a discussion on Religion and Spirituality.  We got attack by wasps and had to move twice, but had a good conversation anyway.  During Advisee we played Hotseat, which was hilarious.

The evening event that Creation Circle planned was to be a Scavenger Hunt, and since today was the day for it, I spent most of my time in New Jerusalem, getting all of the clues organized and finished up.  We had six teams; each one was color coordinated and organized by different Creation Circle subgroups.  My job was to make sure that we had all the clues, make sure they made sense, and organize them so that it would be easy to place all of the clues.  New Jerusalem is the arts cabin, so since I was in there most of the day I got to have a bunch of lovely conversations with varying other campers coming in and out to make things for their Fairy God Children.

In evening meeting our hug number of 11 was given telepathically by Autumn.

We gathered in the field and after giving everyone their final instructions, set them loose on camp.  Taking off like a shot, it took them maybe five minutes to get all of the clues and gather at the lodge.  Their last clue was a set of color coded letters. After 15 minutes of struggling and trying all different ways of putting the letters together they finally got the message “GO CHECK YOUR CABINS!” A run to the cabins revealed the knowledge that the pool was open and it was time for a night swim.

We hung out for about an hour in the pool playing catch, sharks and minnows, and making whirlpools.

I took another shower to warm up, and then hung out in the lodge until closing time – laughing, drinking tea, listening to music, and teaching people how to make flower fairies.

All in all it was an incredibly busy but good day!