Day 6 (Oregon Session 1 ~ camper Iain)


photo of Iain by Dandy Denial

As we near the end of the week, the mood in the camp feels almost bittersweet. The time to say goodbye has started, but no one really wants to do it yet. Emotions are welling up but we push them down in an effort to enjoy our last two days together.

For me personally, the day started off rather well, with a good amount of sleep and a good hearty breakfast. While I did end up having dish duties, it wasn’t so bad, and I made it to morning check-in on time for the meeting to begin. It too had the same bittersweet feeling, as we started off with a song, but went on to find out that a camper had been sent home the night prior.

Following the community meeting, everyone split up into advisee groups for our second-last meeting this week. My group started off with some talking bout how we were all doing before our advisor, Jack, led us into the woods, telling stories of giant termites taking over the world and putting us in prison. Once we arrived at our destination, we were put in a triangular ‘Jail Cell’ made up of chest-height ropes tied between trees. Our goal: using only the plank inside, get everyone out by going over the ropes. All in all, we took 12 minutes to escape, and it was a great bonding and trust exercise.

Next up was pool time, with a little bit of a twist. A large group of campers, split into two, went around the camp and collected up 2 of the staff members, Blake and Rob, then carried them to the pool and threw them in, causing a mass dunking of everyone in the pool area. Once everyone was in the water, a big game of pool volleyball was started, but since a lot of people weren’t aware of the rules, it was a big muddled mess of fun.

For lunch we ended up having my favourite meal so far, pizza! A large variety for everyone ended up just being great fun and led to a lot of talking and laughter during lunch hour, but that’s common anyways.

During the day’s workshop slots, there were many great choices, but I ended up doing the following: Learning the ASL alphabet with Rob, Partner dancing with Autumn, and then Argentine Tango with Zoe and Blake. The dancing classes were the first I had attended at camp and they were a lot of fun,  but i feel like I’m very likely to continue trying to learn ASL, as it left a bit of an imprint on me.

Finally, it was the night of the Prom. The theme, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, was amazingly done with the decorations, and it was a really fun event to participate in. It started with a fashion show, followed by a solid 3 hours of hot sweaty dancing in the Lodge. Many times I had to go outside simply to cool off before going back in for even more enjoyment. Once 1 a.m. rolled around, things slowed down, cleanup began, and I headed back to my cabin for an attempt at a reasonable amount of sleep.

All in all, the day was very similar to all the others, in that it was jam-packed with fun, and left me exhausted. However it’s left me wishing for more time to enjoy it.