Day 1 (Oregon Session 2 ~ by camper Karen Canfield)

photo by June


This is my first year attending Not Back to School Camp and so far it’s great!

We were brought to Camp Myrtlewood on an old yellow school bus, the word “school” blacked out. Arriving was a bit confusing but the staff were all super friendly and helpful. After we got settled into our cabins, there was a welcome circle which was fun, then we ate dinner in our advisee groups. It was delicious!

Opening ceremony was fun. We all sang some songs together and read some intentions that we have for this session. Afterward we sang some more songs and played some games. Everyone here is super welcoming and friendly, but I still felt a bit out of place and unsure.

In the morning we had wake up call and then breakfast and morning meeting. More songs were sung and more games played. Evan is a very fun camp director. By advisee group time I was feeling a bit less tired than the day before, and more able to fully participate. By lunch, my mood was much better and I already felt more comfortable at camp.

The grounds here are gorgeous! Towering green trees everywhere, messy forest paths and a beautiful creek to wade or swim in! And it makes it even more gorgeous to have almost everyone who walks by you give you a smile!

The highlights of my first full day at camp were the delicious food, meeting new people, getting my hair played with and braided all day, and learning the basics of blues dancing in a spur-of-the-moment workshop.

I can’t wait to get to know everyone better!