Day 2 (Oregon Session 2 ~ by Sayali)

photo by Rob

Today we woke up to Liza’s amazing singing. My first thought was “Wow that’s amazing!” she sung Stuck Like Glue and it was an amazing start to the day. We had breakfast and then the day really started! After breakfast we had advisee time – this is a time to talk about things that are going on and play a game. Then it was work shop time.

Now I am a work trader and my task is to take care of Yared (Grace’s kid) and boy does he have a lot of energy! We played with the other kid here (Ollie) and went to the hammocks. As soon as I knew it, it was lunch time which was the bomb. I was sushi today and I could have eaten everything there.

Then at siesta I chose to go to the swimming hole with some friends, which was hella lit. Then workshop 2 time I chose to skip and chill with some other friends. We went to the pebble beach and I took photos. Then more free time, but I chose to go to a staff-led panel about healthy sexuality, it was lit. Then dinner which came and went like it always does, it was burritos today which was lit 3.0. After dinner while waiting for bonding night some of my friends were hanging by the bell and playing frisbee. Jay reached to grab one and fucked up his back. We had our fourth perfect check-in in a row (lit 4.0) but then came the best thing of the day: Bonding Night.

And so it began. Bonding Night  starts in the field and we all join hands, sing, and go into the lodge. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail but we asked each other questions and we hugged each other. Mieke started crying, which made me cry. Lots of the people were crying, but Mieke was the one who got me. I had a great time today. It felt like the first real day of camp and I loved it!