Day 3 (Oregon Session 2 ~ by Claire Ward)

photo by Clair Ward


Friday morning dawned bright and early for me. I’m the kitchen Jr. Staffer for this session of camp, and breakfast prep time comes early for the kitchen staff. Breakfast is the always-popular camp potatoes, scrambled eggs, and a variety of fruit and cereal. Today is the first day I really begin to feel like I have become integrated into camp, both with the fellow staff and the campers alike.

I was a camper on the east coast for 4 years, and this is my first time at an Oregon session. Coming into a session I’ve never attended before and knowing only a handful of people was a little intimidating, but I knew if I threw myself in head first that I would be totally fine. I’ve gone to more events then I did as a camper. On day 1 I attended introduction circle and since then I’ve attended several other awesome events and workshops, including a wonderful tea workshop led by another staffer and I’ve had a lot of really great moments of connection with the humans around me.

My days have been following the same kind of schedule since camp began. I wake up, serve breakfast, spend about half of my day in the kitchen chopping veggies, sweeping the floor, and getting to know my fellow kitchen staff, then I leave right before siesta, which is part of the day here specially set aside for napping and quiet time. I spent my siesta on Friday grabbing a much needed nap, before venturing up the mountain for a brief 45 minute hike.

When I returned, I attended the first ever special guest alumni appearance, where I got to hear Summer Burton speak about her life. Summer was a long time camper, and now works for Buzzfeed. She was super interesting, and I found it really cool that she worked in a toy store when she was my age, which is what I currently do.

This was followed by dinner, a lovely and filling meal of lentil soup and cornbread with honey and butter. Our first talent show was after dinner, and I was as impressed as I always am with the many wonderful skills and talents of the people I choose to surround myself with.

Friday night was also our super-secret rave, which isn’t that much of a super-secret. It was a blast to see how much everyone enjoyed flinging themselves about to the wicked music stylings of Jasper.

Carrot cake was the evening snack, and then I found myself wandering towards sleep with my fellow Jr. Staffer, Ani.

I’m very excited to be part of the staff I always admired so much when I was a camper, and I’m looking forward to what the next week and a half will bring.