Day 5 (Oregon Session 2 ~ by Liza)

photo by Ani

The day started with me oversleeping and missing breakfast, but I managed to screech in to check-in just in time, and our perfect check-in streak continued!

Next was advisee, and then projects. Rob’s group took a beautiful barefoot hike up the mountain, and made shelters out of thermal blankets and rope. It was super cool!

We had a potato bar feast for lunch, and it was amazing, as the food always is here.

During siesta I climbed the tree with J, the staff driver, and a couple other campers, and I loved hearing the joyful laughing and soft ukulele playing throughout camp from the top.

Next was workshops, all of which sounded great, but I opted for a little downtime instead. Jenny and I had a great time laughing on the swings and seeing how high we could go while Wyatt took pictures of us.

I watched a crazy game of Ultimate Frisbee, and then came dinner. Enchiladas and salad!

Our 4–day perfect check-in streak ended at night-time meeting, but we’re determined to start fresh and break our own record before camp is up!

It was “Overalls vs. Flannels” day as well, and it was great to see all the friendly banter between the two rival teams. (I wore Flannels.)

Finally we had Comedy Night, and it was wonderfully hilarious, as expected. The amazing kitchen staff brought out zucchini cake at the end of the event, which was definitely a sweet surprise! (pun intended!) I finished off the night with some Daily Dance with a few other campers and staff, led by Milla, which was lovely.

All in all it was another wonderful day in this wonderful place!