Day 8 (Oregon Session 2 ~ by Sierra M.)



“My day has been goooOOd. I’ve gotten kind of sick, but I’m doing a good job at nipping it in the bud before it gets worse. Especially since it’s been a rest day. That’s helpful. I’m excited for the art show tonight. Gonna dress up to the 9s ya know? Anyway. That’s about it. I’m doing great. Happy to be here. Check.”

Wednesday, August 31. Starting off the day with check ins as usual. My advisory meets at a lovely clearing in the middle of the forest. Sitting in the grass and moss every morning is really calming. Look up, you see a patch of sky, enclosed by the towering trees that surround us. Look down, you see little bugs crawling through the grass. It’s great. I love starting off my day with being comforted by nature.

Since today has been a rest day, I don’t have any super fantastic, out of this world adventures to share with you. The majority of my day was spent on a couch drinking Effer C and eating vegan ramen noodles. However, something very exciting has appeared at camp. Lice! That’s right. And the best part? Most people that have lice are in my cabin. So I had many lice checks today. It’s a good thing I like people playing with my hair.

So after my exciting and CLEARLY physically exhausting day, I started preparing for the evening event. The art show! A lot of people dress up for this event. The best part is being able to walk around the lodge like an art critic with your nose stuck up. Not that I was judging people’s art, but I had huge heels, so what can I say. After I took a good look at everyone’s art, Jasper and I headed to Forest Dell since I still wasn’t feeling good. After a few minutes, a fun group of people showed up. They were playing a game of Slap or Kiss. Almost like spin the bottle, but better! Not much to explain there. I didn’t participate, but Jasper and I had a fun time watching from afar. I must say, it warmed my heart to see how consensual it was. I love camp. No matter where you go, everyone is asking for consent.

To end off my day, what better way to do so than a good game of Jack Seat? A version of NBTSC’s beloved Hot Seat, except where the time is infinite, and it’s only questions for Jack. Really fun. Really inclusive. Love it.

Overall today has been really great. Everyday I have moments during meeting, or when I hug someone, or I’m just laying in the field, where I just think about how grateful I am to actually be here. Ever since last year, I’ve been anticipating these 2 weeks over everything else, and they certainly are not letting me down. I feel at home. I feel loved. I feel accepted. And I feel awfully in love with Not Back To School Camp. I love every tree, every strand of grass, and every single little thing that makes camp what it is. So that’s been my day. Thank you for reading.