Day 10 (Oregon Session 2 ~ by Ruby)


I am a seventeen year old unschooler, from Wisconsin, that traveled through seven states by train to come to my first ever session of NBTSC, and it has been an adventure to say the least. All the days seem to blend together, and as they go by, I feel more inspired by all the ridiculously creative and unique individuals that I get to spend two awesome weeks with!

Going into camp, I felt pretty confident and excited for new friendships and lasting memories, but I do have to admit when I first got here there were just so many people I didn’t know, and everyone definitely was super intimidating the first few days. I was a little bit worried that everyone was just going to connect with the people they know, but that’s not the kind of place NBTSC is. I honestly have been able to connect with people in ways I haven’t before, and I feel like I’ve known them for years when it has been not even two weeks.

The last two weeks have blended together, but as I type, my definite favorite moments and things pop into my mind.

I love cuddle puddles of all types and it makes me super happy that cuddling and hugs are such a big part of NBTSC!

The food also makes me super happy here! My favorite meals definitely have to be the Indian curry and sushi.

I love the spontaneous parter dancing that happens on some nights and that Milla leads! I did blues dancing twice which is something I haven’t done before, but now I’m inspired to try more partner dancing!

A few days ago I went up to Vista Point for the first time, with Anika and Matt. I didn’t really know what was at the top, so after a very steep hike I was surprised and in love with the gorgeous view of mountains and treetops that were as far as the eye can see.

One on one conversations are, I think, a very important part of camp. Usually they tend to be more deep and honest, and I feel like they not only open my feelings to the person I’m talking to, but they also make me understand my own feelings more. Plus focusing in on one person is just a good way of getting to know someone better!

Workshops are super great. I wish I could go to all of them, and I just really appreciate all the campers and staffers that showcase and teach their passions! My favorites have been the dream boards workshop that Milla led, the tea workshop that J led, and the environmental climate change workshop that Andy led!

Sleeping outside has been one of my favorite parts of camp! I have only done it three times which were in the first week, but I will never forget all the amazing stars and the feeling of waking up outside in the morning air. I really want to do it at least one more night before I leave.

I got to be the MC for our second talent show which was pretty cool because I got to announce a bunch of really talented people on the stage, and I had to think of things to say on the spot.

I really loved going to the ocean field trip because of awesome caves and going into town and buying candy!

I have a lot of inspiration and time for all kinds art forms here. I have been able to write, dance, sketch, friendship bracelet, play music, sing, embroider, collage, and water color at least once each all week!

Having all-gender bathrooms is really unique, I feel, to this camp, and it really makes you realize how much it’s not that big of a deal. I really appreciate that.

TEA! the kitchen staff is super cool about always having two large communal pots of tea available for everyone’s health and happiness, which I love!

Like I said before, it has all been a blur of amazing memories, and I’m sure I’m missing some but it has been a life changing experience and although I’ll miss it a lot I’m super excited to bring all the things I’ve learned here, back home. Like all the love and passion I have for everything I do, just like your typical unschooler.