Day 11 (Oregon Session 2 ~ by Jay)


Hi, my name is Jahsaia, aka Jay. And this is my second year at NBTSC. I didn’t really make any friends my first year because of how unsocial I was. I was a sad little kid with nowhere to go in life, but after that first year I acted like nothing had changed because I was so scared of change and I never wanted people to see me as weak. Now, nearing the end of my second year, I am glad that I came back and that I let myself open up to the people around me. I feel way more comfortable around people that I now know. The people that you meet here are friends for life and some of the best people I’ve ever met. If I could go back and tell myself one thing I would only –  well, I don’t know what I would say. The people, the staff, everything –  I’ve grown to love everything about this camp. I’m glad I came back. My life has gotten  so much better after being able to express how I really feel without being scared of everyone judging me. Being able to be myself has changed my life  and having people around me that were the same has only made me better. I’ve grown to love camp and wouldn’t want to change anything about it. I wish that last year I could have talked to more people and wasn’t so scared.

Sitting here, writing this, drinking tea, feeling the wind on my face, thinking back …  I don’t have the words to explain how much I’ve grown at this camp. I’m glad that at some level I was able to make friends this year and the only thing I would say to a new camper is have fun and be yourself.

Today is slow but good. [ed note: it’s a “rest day.”] Not much is or is going to happen but it’s good having the time to just relax. I always love talking to my friends and hanging out as we all play games and climb the tree or hike to the top of Vista Point. I love the people I’ve met at camp. But I also love just sitting here in the open field and enjoying the winds.