Staff Orientation (Vermont 2016 ~ by Kiera McN)

Kiera – Junior Staffer & Logistics Puppy

Some of the things I have thought, witnessed, and felt during staff orientation in tour form. I invite you to…

  • close your eyes and absorb the room full of warm chatter and laughter
  • walk past three people, sitting on a milk crates, doing sit ups
  • baa like a goat and maa like a sheep
  • miss a lover buddy
  • ask yourself “What makes me feel seen?”, “Who do I trust?”, “How do I play?”
  • take a ride down memory lane and feel a pinge of sadness and a big embrace of joy
  • have a seat and eat homemade sushi while watching the sun set
  • get hit by a few waves of ‘I am not good enough’
  • wonder in glee how you got so blessed to share space with these amazing people
  • giggle out loud when you find a steering wheel somewhere you weren’t expecting it


With the reality of ups and downs and warm joy and cold toes and pangs of loneliness I can tell you… this is going to be a good camp session.

Sit ups on milk crates