Camper Arrival Day (Vermont 2016 ~ by Liam N.)

Liam – our Night Owl

What a day!  It’s super exciting when we set up the table and campers young and old start to trickle in.  I was lucky enough to be on the welcoming committee – and not only that, sitting all the way to the left which is the best place to be (keep that in mind, future staffers).  I had the fun responsibility of greeting campers and their parents, telling them their cabin assignment, and asking them to write themselves a name tag.

I like the name tags this year – for however relevant this is, I would love to live in a world where everyone wears name tags every day.  Similarly to how I’d like to live in a world where everyone brings the same energy and enthusiasm to day-to-day life as they do to camp!

Before campers arrived, a number of staffers (regretfully me included) spent all of our last down-time before campers arrived moving the green couches from the small living room to the big farmhouse room.  Though when campers came – it was a hit!  It was great!  It’s like a new architectural feature of the room – conversation pit from the mid 20th century.  It also acts to make the rest of the farmhouse smaller, and with this being a smaller session that’s perfect for morning and evening meetings.

The kitchen made some incredible many-things-free desserts and everyone crowded into the couches to get to catch up and get to know each other.

The schedule has changed from years past, so “Games” happens on the first night.  After everyone was sufficiently desserted, we circled up for some camp classics and some new games that I’m sure will make their way into the NBTSC Games lexicon.

When the official Games ended, unofficial games commenced out on the porch until late.
It was a great first night.
Arguing over furniture placement
Kitchen Coordinator Kalan Noah eats the delicious dessert he made.