Day 1 (Vermont 2016 ~ by Meredith C.)

Meredith – First Year Camper

So, let’s start this off right. Hi Mom! I’m fine.

Day one of camp was a roller coaster. I woke up in time to watch the sunrise but was instead presented with just a lighter shade of gray and that’s kind of how the whole day felt. Gray and soft.

It was a good day though; filled with many laughs, smiles, games and new friends… I’m having a hard time figuring what to write, it’s kind of a blur. I do remember it was so busy with fun things to do like the Staff Talent Show (I still don’t understand how you solved the rubix cube so fast), introductory circle with everyone, and so many fun workshop intros — including handstanding, fire-starting, and the hula hoop jamming.

The staff talent show was really fun, I wish I’d taken some photos to share of that but it completely slipped my mind. Just imagine the tellings of lives in a really incredible and interesting way.

I look forward to making more friends in addition to the ones I’ve just met and the rest of camp. ❤

Early morning fog over the trees at Farm & Wilderness. Photo by Meredith C.
Day 1 morning meeting
Handstands in the rain
Staff talent show