Day 2 (Vermont 2016 ~ by Drue D.)

Drue – Second Year Camper

I do not think I can convey how awesome my day was, but I will try. In the afternoon I took part in building a milk crate tower, which ended up being 20 crates tall! I cannot believe how fun it was, and it felt like an awesome accomplishment. I was also lucky enough to sing and play the ukulele with some great people.

Another highlight of my day was that I got to spend some time spinning poi with friends. It was nice being able to do something I love so much with people I care about, and just the feeling of being able to share it was wonderful.

I’m excited I’m able to talk about our evening event, Bonding Night! I think everyone should have a chance to experience and feel the amount of love and support this event provides at some point in their lives; I feel it really is a life changing experience. I think the most beautiful part of camp is the overwhelming amount of love you feel every day and the feeling of being part of something. If you ever have the chance to go to NBTSC, then I think you should try it.

In spite of all these wonderful moments throughout the day, at the end I’m mostly thinking about all the conversations and the amazing people I got to spend my time with. I went to bed in complete wonder that I am here.

The magical early-morning fog. Photo by Drue D.
Challenge to break the milk-crate-tower record! Photo by Drue D.
Spinning poi with Sinead. Photo by Drue D.