Day 3 (Vermont 2016 – by Lucia K.)

Lucia – Second Year Camper. Photo by Cora W.

My magical day at camp didn’t start in the morning, but at midnight the night before. Sitting cuddled up on couches with some of my favorite people in the world, with that warm fuzzy post-bonding-night feeling in my heart, as we all checked the time over and over, counting down to the start of my birthday.

NBTSC falling each year on my birthday is something I will always be thankful for. There is nowhere I’d be happier to be on this day than in chilly fall Vermont, nestled between mountains turning from green to gold, sipping hot tea, and humming along to the strumming of a ukulele.

I freed up my schedule for the day in the morning and managed to find 6 hours of free time to spend hiking, exploring, and appreciating these mountains, which I get to call home for a week. The lovely kitchen staff packed us a lunch, including delicious cupcakes they had baked me for my birthday. Myself, and an amazing new camp friend, headed out on our adventure.

Not gonna lie, we got lost quite a few times, and spent a lot of the day trying to find the right trailhead. But even so, it was absolutely perfect. Walking through the woods with someone I’ve only known for 3 days yet feel so close to, listening to sweet soft music, breathing in the fresh crisp air, and taking breaks to sip warm tea—I couldn’t have been more content. We also met some very friendly cows, and some not as friendly llamas along the way.

When we got back to the lodge we were greeted with a not-so-warm welcome home, and were yelled at and chased to go away. Confused, I sat on the dock by the lake until a group of campers came to escort me to the lodge. I walked up to find the best birthday surprise of my life. A bunch of campers had made me a huge banner over the front of the lodge reading “Happy Birthday Lucia!” and a friend was on the porch waiting for me with a freshly picked flower bouquet.

By the end of the day I had smiled so much my face was sore.

In fact, I’m writing this the day after and my face is still sore.

Thank you to camp, from me, for giving me some of the best days, and birthdays, of my life.

View of Farm & Wilderness. Photo by Lucia K.
Lucia and Cora on a hike
More hiking! Photo by Lucia K.
Campers coming together to say Happy Birthday!