Day 5 (Vermont 2016 ~ by Iris P.)

Iris – Third Year Camper

Not Back to School Camp is a place I like to call home.

September 28th 2016. I wake up to the sound of one of the campers, Joey, singing “ho hey.” People singing is definitely one of my favorite ways to wake up and start the day. I have breakfast which was scrambled eggs and camp potatoes, as most breakfasts at camp are. Camp potatoes are one of my favorite foods, if not my favorite food, ever.

Next up is advisee time. Advisee is a 45 minute block of time in which 10-12 campers meet everyday with a staffer and check-in with how they are doing. This is one of my favorite parts of NBTSC; getting close to a handful of other campers and one staffer by talking and playing silly games. Today in advisee we played ninja, while Nathan, our super awesome adviser, took a fast motion video of all of us playing. The video turned out super cool.

The evening event that night was Seeing/Seen Circle, which is a recently new event to NBTSC. I was part of the Seeing/Seen Circle committee, which means I volunteered to help put the event on. Being on committees is a lot of responsibility but I loved being a part of it. This event is about being able to trust the group of people around you, sharing things most people don’t know about you and being able to show vulnerability and get support. This is my 2nd time participating in Seeing/Seen Circle after attending the one at Oregon Session 2 this year. Both of my Seeing/Seen Circles were very different, and I think no two Seeing/Seen Circles will ever be alike. Overall, it has become of one of my favorite evenings of camp.

After Seeing/Seen Circle I stayed up very late talking to friends, which surprisingly I hadn’t stayed super late hanging out yet this session. My friends and I talked about what our ultimate goals in life are. I love hearing about what people want to do with their lives because it inspires me a lot, and there are so many inspiring people at NBTSC.

I ended the night by sleeping next to my friends in the Rec Lodge. I love falling asleep cuddling with people under the stars.

Singing in morning meeting.
Sweet conversations in the field. Photo by Iris P.
Bow Drill Workshop


Eating dinner in the loft. Photo my Iris P.