Day 6 (Vermont 2016 ~ by Zella Magoo)

Zella – Third Year Camper

With a 10:00am wake up this morning it was a nice lazy start to day six, a “rest day.” I had a work-trade dish shift, during which I probably washed 90% of all the mugs that exist at camp. Having a work-trade and spending time in the dish pit is one of the highlights of camp for me. There is something very therapeutic about washing dishes and being of service to camp in that way.

A simple breakfast was laid out for the early risers, and after the wake up call they served the most amazing scones I’ve ever had; warm, cheesy and delicious, with little apple bits. The kitchen staff never cease to amaze me with the crazy wonderful food they make every day.

Today was also pajama day, so morning meeting was extremely cuddly and cozy. Lots of rainbow socks, and animal onesies. Although to be fair, meetings are generally always cozy and cuddly.

Advisee time was wonderful as always. My group played two truths and a lie, and ate chocolate. Lili, Lua, Zeke and I were all mildly distracted, and not quite listening the whole time because of the gosh-darned Pickle song… oops.

There were some workshops after that, but I didn’t go to any of them. I very rarely go to workshops; today I choose instead to lay on the floor of the lodge and giggle about cephalopods and all the weird things they are capable of.

Then it was lunch, followed by siesta, our daily rest/quiet time. There’s always something cool going on, some interesting conversation happening, or some chill game being played.

After siesta was the “afternoon of fun”, spearheaded by our wonderful staffer, Christian. I didn’t actually take part in the game they played, but I’m fairly sure watching it was just as much fun as playing it. Most of camp joined in for Star Wars Quidditch, which was one of the most ridiculous games I’ve ever seen. Because I didn’t play the game, I can’t actually tell you what was going on. All I could tell you is that it’s played with broomsticks, milk crates and lots of different kinds of balls you throw at other players.

The afternoon of fun ended with the lovely tradition of tossing Evan, Camp Director, in the lake. Thank goodness it wasn’t one of the colder days, because that water can be brutal.

Dinner was stupendous as always. I was supposed to have another shift in the dish pit, but I ended up switching with another work trader because she was feeling a little sick. So, I ended up serving dinner, and she did the dish pit. I’ve never served dinner before, but I really liked it; it was really cool to get to be on that side of things for the first time.

After dinner we had our evening community meeting, which I can only remember because cuddles happened, and I love camp cuddles so much.

That evening was the camp talent show, which was so amazing. Larkin did a beautiful contortion act to a song from Hamilton; Julia did a hula-hoop performance that blew everyone’s minds; Zeke played a piano piece; and I preformed a sign language piece to music. All these among lots of wonderful songs, singing, and dancing. Everyone in the talent show was so amazing. I love these people so much; they’re all incredibly wonderful and talented.

After the talent show there were late night snacks of delicious peanut butter and jelly, and trying-to-be-quiet-but-failing games of Coup. Sydney came in from outside after awhile and proceeded to do the most creepy bear walk on all fours.

After hanging out with Lua and Larkin for a long while, I headed to sleep.

“Star Wars Quidditch”
Walking to the Farmhouse
Throwing Evan into the Lake post-Quidditch
Frolicking on the dock
Watching the action from shore
Getting cozy for the Talent Show