Day 7 (Vermont 2016 ~ by Joey Phelps)

Joey – Second Year Camper

Today was filled with interesting events and workshops. I participated in a partner dancing workshop hosted by staffer Nathan, where we learned how to walk, stand, and spin with another person. The healthy sexuality panel was also hosted today; it’s a panel of staffers answering questions submitted by campers about sex and relationships.

Other awesome workshops like Handstands For Everyone, Emotional Resiliency, Drawing Cats, and more were hosted throughout the day.

Tonight was the 2016 NBTSC Vermont Prom. I was lucky enough to be on the prom committee and help plan out the evening. The theme was mystical creatures (thanks to Evren, Zella and Iris) and the entire lodge was decorated with flowers. The cooking crew created delicious snacks and Christian DJed the evening (using a playlist that was contributed by former camper, Kiera!). Many of us danced into the night until Christian pranked us all with a song that had a beat that never dropped.

This past week, I’ve played music in front of more people than I ever have before, danced in a gorilla suit for three and a half hours straight, and made connections with incredible people who live hundreds of miles away from me. All of this is thanks to Not Back To School Camp.

To everyone who made this experience possible, thank you.

Advisee groups plan a camp wedding

Confused by the giant, invented board game, Scamp.
A nymph at the “Mythical Magical Creatures” themed prom
Dancin’ at prom