Day 2 (Joshua Tree 2016 ~ by Guy D.)

photo_1920.jpegAs a first time ever camper I was a little nervous about coming to camp. Mostly it was just general anxiety ’cause I’ve never been to Joshua Tree and I don’t know anybody.

I was completely wrong in being nervous.

So Arrival day and 1st went great, the 2nd day went a little bit smoother for me just ’cause I had got into the rhythm by then.

The minutes before breakfast are always a delight, everyone yelling and talking over each other then the mad scramble for food. Because I am a go-getter I decided to join the Bonding Night committee, which took place during breakfast. So pretty much everything was sticky. It was interesting to be part of a committee that organizes something so sweet and bonding and how even though I had absolutely no experience they let me be a part of it.

After we achieved barely anything, ’cause we couldn’t stop laughing, Morning Meeting started. We start with a good morning to Evan the camp director, every one says good morning.

Workshops after were amazing! I learned how to swing dance which is now pretty awesome because I now can actually ask someone to dance and not embarrass myself.

Then one of the most enlightening workshops I did was… the cup game. I was so much fun that I literally couldn’t stop “playing” it all night!

A bit towards the end of the day was the Sexuality Panel, which was very interesting and very fun to watch as all the panelists got bright red with each question.

The talent show was great, NBTSC says on their website that the Talent show is for anybody and it totally worked out perfect! Very entertaining!

My opinion is that Bonding Night was the highlight of camp so far. It was a very moving occasion, the singing as everyone enters the room, the “om” was so powerful that the room vibrated. The eye contact and the questions were moving and, I guess, bonding. My favorite was the Unconditional Love section. Hugging people who had their eyes closed was sweet, though I felt even more moved by getting hugged without knowing who was hugging me.  I feel very happy that I participated in the ceremony.

I am very happy that I came to NBTSC and I absolutely love everything and everybody here.

Guy Dunphy, 1st year camper


Photo by Celina Dill
Talent Show Acrobatics