Day 3 – Joan K

Today was filled with workshops, music, hugs, deep conversations, and not-so-deep conversations. I was up late last night and spent the first half hour of today in a relaxing jam session with Damian and Erich until Friendship Hall closed and we went to sleep.

At the staff talent show the previous night, Reanna had shared a story about someone named Sarabeth from back in the first few years of camp. Sarabeth visited camp today and led us through a lovely song to open the morning community meeting. Advisee groups followed on the back porch, and we all checked in and talked about how we were feeling and played a round of Hot Seat. There were some interesting answers although I think the range of questions was restricted by the setting. 

I participated in two great workshops in the morning – first, Nathen showed us a model of engagement with the world and various coping skills to become more emotionally resilient. Then a bunch of us lounged in the hot tub for an hour and took turns asking Boyo a string of questions mostly involving how to ask people out on dates. It was pretty awesome.

In the evening there were two staffer organized events – the art extravaganza and the concert. I sadly did not see much of the art and photography that was put up for the extravaganza (although I’m sure it was amazing) but instead got to provide a little bit of background music with Damian and Erich. 

Then the concert! Kiera did a fantastic cover of “Don’t Stop Believin’,” Kay performed three songs (and mesmerized us with their voice), I played two original songs, and Anika closed it off with two of their originals, one of which they had written the same day and both of which they powered through remarkably despite a cold. I was initially a bit nervous about performing but I’m very glad I did. It was really wonderful to get to play alongside them and in front of a very kind and supportive audience.

The most memorable part of today though was observing and participating in a heated conversation about artistic meaning in the freezing cold of the balcony. I think we all came out of it with a better understanding of the different ways in which people relate to art, as well as a surplus of inside jokes. Then the day ended the same way it began, jamming with friends in Friendship Hall until late-ish night. Also peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Photo by Violet Sicard
Photo by Jessica Wilcox