Day 1 ~ (Latgawa 2017, Raven D.)


Raven D.

“It’s not the same as last year.” That’s one of the sentences I heard my first year, which was last year. I never really understood why so many of the older campers said it, until now. A sentence I never thought I’d say came from my mouth yesterday. From what I remember, it was only said the first couple of days. There’s that strange familiar, yet unfamiliar, feeling that I felt last year. I just never thought anyone could be this nice. Everyone’s thoughtfulness and caring personalities come on so strong it seems almost unreal.

Personally, I think the first day is probably the hardest, and it’s understandable. It’s the first full day of camp and there are so many things to do, it’s almost overwhelming. Almost. It must be hard for the new campers too. I remember it being hard the first night last year. I couldn’t sleep, I was so nervous my hands were sweating, and I barely made eye contact with anyone who smiled at me. However, all those same things happened to me this year. I thought it would be easier, especially because I’ve been here before. After thinking about it during Siesta, I realized it would probably happen every time I have my “first day” at camp. I always want to make an amazing first impression. Whether it’s my first year or sixth year, I always want people to know me for me.

At the end of the first day, you can tell the new campers have adjusted a lot better. I’ve noticed so much more confidence and openness in the new campers in my cabin, than on arrival day. I really hope they know that they have nothing to be afraid of with the older campers. They might be a little intimidating, but they’re actually very kind and open to help out if you’re feeling homesick, because this isn’t just a camp, it’s a second home. The first day is probably the hardest to get through in the entire week, but you have to go through the first day, to be able to have the best time the rest of the week.