Day 3 ~ (Latgawa 2017, by Lena)

Hello everyone! My name is Lena, and I’m about to be your tour guide through day 3 of camp.

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Lena’s Crown

After a hearty breakfast, we all gathered in the usual location to hear whatever important announcements awaited us from Grace and Evan. We heard that today would be a parent visitation day, and then learned a very important new word.

Ephebephobia. The fear of us, the mighty and terrifying teenagers.

Sadly, we heard news of a new addition to camp. A rattlesnake has taken up residence around the path up to the swimming hole, so for today and any day until we know it is safe, no hikes are allowed up to the swimming hole.

To end off morning meeting, we all gathered into a tight circle, picked a partner, and guided them around with their eyes closed. There ended up being significant amount of head on collisions, but I don’t think any campers have car insurance.

After a fairly typical advisee session, it was time for a quick workshop slot (I attended a psychic fish’s Q&A session, which was surprisingly accurate,) followed by a delicious Mac n’ Cheese lunch.

As time wore on in the day, the heat started to pick up quickly, leading to a very appreciated pool time… while it lasted. Around 30 minutes into the 3-hour pool time, we were forced to vacate the area due to rumbles of thunder all around us, the third day in a row that this has happened.

After a swift loss in the first round of the chess tournament, I then moved on to a very relaxed block of time to just hang out with some friends, play some music, and prepare ourselves for the night’s main event.

Talent Show 2: Electric Boogaloo started off fairly normally, with an act of a camper staring into people’s eyes while eating a banana before walking off the stage. A tough act to follow, I know, but next was the Ukulele Cult ft. Yours Truly, an original song performance, an absolutely mesmerizing lightshow, and topping it all off was a fairly comedic one man show.

As the night came to a close, or so I thought, I made my preparations to go to bed and headed to the dining hall to fill my water bottle. When I arrived, however, booming music just around the corner alerted me to the fact that a significantly sized dance party was going on, featuring lots of silly dancing and screaming along to songs we all loved.

All in all, it was just a fairly typical day at NBTSC.

Signing off,