Day 5 ~ (Latgawa, 2017 by Nyrten G.)

Nytern photo
Nyrten, today’s author. Photo by Sophie 

As a new camper, camp has been a rollercoaster of emotion. I connected with people so fast, and then begun to doubt their friendship. Yesterday was the first day that didn’t end badly. It started out with someone cuddling a branch in advisee because it wouldn’t stop hitting them, and for a chunk of the day until workshops, it was rather uneventful.

But then, workshops happened. Somebody held a workshop named How To Psychically Communicate With Multidimensional Fish (if you’ve been to the Latgawa session, you probably know who I’m talking about) which ended in everyone carrying one of the participants from Uncle Joe’s into the field where we set him in a circle of improv-ers playing Bunny Bunny and pretended to sacrifice him. Was it weird? Yeah, that’s the point. After that, there was lunch and siesta, and after that I was PLANNING on going to more workshops, but I was distracted by some people being what most people would call inappropriate, but I call funny, and I missed all of the workshop slots because of this. I’m not complaining, just saying that if it weren’t for YOU I would’ve gone to something about yoga. On second thought, I’m glad they distracted me.

And then at evening meeting, they broke my brain. The junior staff had us split into three groups and sing Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and The Alphabet Song ALL AT THE SAME TIME, because apparently they all have the same tune. It was crazy. And then, there was the Creation Circle event, which was camp-wide hide and seek. Instead of doing that, I mostly just played cards and prepared for writing this blog post, because as a fiction writer, this scares me. After that, there was night swimming, which sounds cool and fancy, but is actually just going swimming in the pool at night. It was awesome, though. There was music and a light-up beach ball, and at one point we threw someone into the pool. Don’t worry, it was consensual. After that it would’ve been the smart choice to go to sleep, but I don’t tend to make smart choices, and I stayed up until 1:30 cuddling in the library. Pretty shocked I got out of bed on time to write this, honestly.

On the first day I was here, everybody said that there was only a sliver of time that we could be thought of as ‘new campers,’ because soon enough we’d have integrated into camp. I didn’t believe them then, but they were right.