Day 6 ~ (Latgawa 2017, by Emma K.)

Emma, Today’s Author

Hi everyone! My name is Emma and this is my 3rd year at camp, but my first time writing for the blog. I’ll be talking about day 6 today!

I’m usually an early riser at camp, so I got up around 7:30 and went to the dining hall to see if anyone was there. Turns out, there was a group of people playing a card game when I got there! We played until it was time for wakeup call and breakfast.

After breakfast, morning meeting, and advisee groups I started packing to get ready to go home, because this is one of the last few days. I got my camp “Love Letter” that I almost forgot about!

After all that was lunch, which was really… interesting (I saw another camper eat a bite of banana without peeling it!) Then there was a swimming slot and there was no thunder today! Workshops were after that, where I chose to do an improv workshop and played an RPG which was pretty much Firefly (I played a character that reminded me of Mal)

After workshops was dinner and evening meeting, where we decided to play a prank on senior staff (We all gasped loudly whenever Evan looked at his clipboard). There was also a talent show before “Prom”. There was singing, dancing, piano, and someone even showed off their prom dress that they made themselves!

After that was “Prom” I actually forgot to bring anything for prom, but luckily someone had a banana costume, and I wore it pretty much all night. The theme this year was Octopus’ Garden, so I feel like the banana fit.

I didn’t stay at prom the whole time, but I did stay long enough that I think I can say I had a good time and that it was a good way to end the 2nd to last full day.