Day 7 ~ (Latgawa, 2017 by Asher F.)

Asher, Today’s Author

Day 7, this has been a rollercoaster, let’s start from the morning. I fell asleep in Uncle Joe’s next to my best friends and woke up feeling amazing but tired. It hadn’t quite set in that it was the last day, but boy was I in for a surprise. I had gotten my stuff out of Uncle Joe’s and put it away, and then I went to breakfast. It was a pretty normal breakfast – banana bread, eggs, oatmeal etc. After that I headed to morning meeting with some friends. I don’t remember what we talked about but it was very funny. In morning meeting we sang a beautiful song which really helped me wake up to camp spirit.

After morning meeting we had advisee time, which was our last advisee. During advisee we played hot seat and we asked some serious and silly questions. When I got up I was asked an array of questions, from camp crushes (nobody, lol) to things on my bucket list (visit Thailand, most of Asia, and South Korea). After advisee was lunch. It was chili, yum. During lunch I sat with my friends Raven, Ki, and a few others whose names escape me. I really enjoyed talking with them as I always do.

Shortly after that I headed out to mess around a bit and then went to a workshop called “how to take nbtsc home with you.” The panelists had very good advice on how to deal with after-camp blues, keeping camp spirit with you, and keeping your passion going. It was great.

After the workshop we all had to go to camp clean-up. After we assembled, we all got assigned to a work crew. I got put on general buildings and grounds clean-up. We had to go through all the cabins and clean them up, which entailed sweeping the floors, taking out trash bags, and putting anything on the floors into lost and found.

We put a lot into lost and found. Thankfully we had about 8 people, so clean-up was fast.

After clean-up was dinner, which was very good. It was a baked potato bar (yummy in my tummy). I quickly scarfed down my food, however, because I wanted to have time to meditate. After I meditated for a bit I walked around and talked to friends. I talked to my friend Raven again and asked to borrow their book on crystals.  It’s a very cool book. Shortly after that I was trying to find my crystal because I had lost it (or so I thought). For about 10 minutes I looked around for it with my friend Bryan. And then I found it in my top vest pocket (yup). After that

After that fiasco we had evening meeting which went really well. We sang songs and had a normal meeting. Then, Matt the logistics person started FIRING PEOPLE. WHOA! Not really. The staff had made a very funny skit that I don’t think I could do justice to in writing. After that was

After that was closing ceremony, which was intense. It got really emotional. There  was a lot of singing and the traditional last-night camp rituals.  A lot of my friends are in their last year, so it was really sad for me. I cried a lot. After that, we all hung out outside and had some deep and thoughtful conversations which I don’t want to share here, but they were amazing and made me realize how much I love this camp and the people here., so yeah that was my day hope you enjoyed reading about it,

So yeah, that was my day. Hope you enjoyed reading about it, Asher out.