Day 2 (Oregon Session 1 ~ by Calico Grundner)

We’re in session at Camp Latgawa in Oregon! This is a guest post by NBTSC camper Calico Grundner.


I’m Calico and I am going to tell you about day two of my camp experience.

Camp has changed so much over the four years I’ve been here. I woke up and immediately felt the positive energy of everyone around me. I went to the lodge and found Nick, Nolan, and Aidan waiting for the hot water to boil, and Aidan let me have some of his coffee.

In advisee group we played a game where you and one other person try to stand up while holding hands and touching feet (Hijinks Ensued). I played games in the field with Blake, and I then went to partner dancing with Nathen and Reanna and had lots of fun moving my body.  I had lunch and went to the shy people’s group and loved hearing other people talking about their experiences being shy.

Then was siesta and camp was calm and quiet. After that I went swimming and Blake led a workshop on throwing people into small to medium bodies of water. I played soccer in the field for an hour or so.

That night was bonding night and everyone was very emotional. I then went on a night hike to an old cabin where you could feel the old energy lingering.

This year has been amazing so far and I love everyone, see you all next year!

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photo of Calico by Reanna Alder ~ others by Margie Sanderson